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Get Connected

Small Groups

Small group Bible Studies are a place to love God, love others, and make disciples while you build life-long relationships with other believers.

Click to download the small group calendar for January - March 2012.

• What is the purpose of the small groups? To help our members love God, love others, and make disciples of all nations. Small groups consist of 12-15 people –large enough for discussion, but small enough to really build relationships and meet each other’s needs.

• When & where do the groups meet? Sunday evenings at 6pm in various homes around our community. Once a month, everyone gathers on Sunday evening for a worship service together.

• Why meet in homes? Homes provide a more relaxed atmosphere conducive to building relationships and sharing needs while eating together. Meeting in homes also allows each group to adjust their schedule according to the group members’ needs.

• What about child care? Each group is responsible for arranging child-care during group meetings. The children meet in another room of the host home under the supervision of group members. Group members may rotate this responsibility. In addition, child-care lesson plans are provided for use in small groups and special "family nights" focus on children specifically.

• What do the groups study? Each group studies and discusses the morning sermon’s text using questions provided a week in advance.

• How can I join a group? Group sign-ups take place every twelve weeks. After twelve weeks, each person may decide whether to remain in the group or to choose another group.

• Why commit for twelve weeks? For small groups to be most effective, the members must know that everyone is committed. It takes at least 5-6 weeks to really bond with your group and learn to share your life with them. Twelve weeks allows everyone time to grow together and reap the benefits of small group ministry.