Apr 10 2018

Camp Scholarships

CHURCH CAMP by Adam Thomas

I love church camp. I worked at one for five straight summers. There is something special that happens at camp. When kids are able to get away for a few days and immerse themselves in the Word of God, the Holy Spirit can do some life changing work in the heart of a kid. This year for the first time in over a decade we will be taking our kids to a children’s camp. Our kids will be attending camp at Carolina Creek Camp in Texas on June 27-30. During the month of April we are asking our members to provide scholarships for the kids attending. We know we often make giving a secret exchange. However, in this case we would like for kids to know who is sending them to camp. We will match scholarship givers to kids attending camp and you will get to hear all about camp and they will always remember the loving church member that sent them to camp. When it comes to investments, it would be hard to find a better one than investing in the spiritual lives of our children. Full scholarships are $250 and Half Scholarship are $125.