Aug 28 2017

Changemakers August 2017


CHANGEMAKERS By Donny Parrish, mission:world Editor

One of the most exciting facets of this new era of BMA Missions is the emphasis that Dr. John David Smith and his team have put on connecting the churches of Baptist Missionary Association (BMA) America with BMA missionaries.  Meeting and understanding the work of these special servants allows us to participate in God's global mission.
But what if I were to tell you that most of the work done around the world through BMA Missions isn't done by those people that you get to meet in your church?  We have an entire army--hundreds of BMA missionaries that remain unseen by our church members.  These men and women are the backbone of our ministry efforts around the world, serving faithfully where they were born and raised.  Though they may not earn as much money as an American missionary, they are accomplishing great things for the Kingdom.
BMA Missions has strategically chosen to partner with national missionaries.  Our leaders believe that training locals and giving them the opportunity to fulfill the Great Commission is not only the most effective way to do missions, but it's also the right way.
ChangeMakers.  That's what we call these heroes who serve the Lord in foreign lands.  The term ChangeMakers perfectly described who these national missionaries are and what they do.  And, for the first time in the history of our association, American BMA church members can become directly involved in these unique and exciting international ministries.  We need these folks to do the work that God has called them to do.  I'm glad our leaders are giving us this change to know about and share in the ministries of our national missionaries.
I pray that you'll enjoy getting to know these ChangeMakers of BMA Missions through the Mission:World magazine, which you may have received in the mail last week or by going to  If you have a desire to see disciples of Jesus Christ developed among the nations, please join the growing number of people partnering with BMA Missions to see lives impacted for eternity.  BMA Missions has a vision to multiply disciples, leaders and churches all around the world.  This vision is now a reality in over 70 countries and over 400 national missionaries worldwide.  For just $25.00 per month, our ChangeMakers become personally invested in seeing the gospel of Jesus Christ reach the nations.
BECOME A CHANGEMAKER TODAY!  Visit the website or text 'change25' to 41444 to setup your donation.