Feb 19 2018

National Adopt-A-School Training-April 6

BY: Vicki Harmon, Church Adopt-A-School Coordinator
Wyatt Baptist Church began the Church Adopt-A-School Mentoring program three years ago with 13 mentors. We now have 25 mentors and are in three different schools meeting with 35 students. We know there are many more students who need to be reached with God’s love. God knows it too, and is doing exceedingly, abundantly more than we asked or imagined to supply other mentors for Union County Public Schools.

Dr. Tony Evans’ National Adopt-A-School Initiative trainers will be in El Dorado on Friday, April 6th to help train other Union County School Administration, church leaders and members concerning church-school partnerships. This training will be held at the TAC House located at 1101 North West Avenue from 8:30AM to 4:00PM. It is a great honor to have this team in our area so that churches do not have to travel to Dallas, Texas for their training. Anyone from Wyatt who is interested in learning more about mentoring is welcomed to register for this training as well. We need more mentors in our program so that other students at Yocum Elementary School can be helped.

Since beginning my new position as Church Adopt-A-School Coordinator, I wake up every day amazed that God has allowed me the privilege to talk with other churches about mentoring. This is an opportunity to touch the lives of students who may never enter our church doors, but who desperately need to know that God loves them. We can be that conduit! We can give one hour each week to live life with a student who is searching for the God of the Universe!!! We know Him and are called to share Him!!! Wow, what an honor!

The key verse Wyatt chose when we began mentoring was Matthew 5:16: “Let your light shine before men, that they will see your good works, and glorify our Father who is in heaven.” Whether we are in a classroom, office, or working on a construction project, we are all called to shine His love. Mentoring is just one needed method of shining!