Aug 02 2016

Opportunity to Invest

By: Donny Hymer
How would you like to make an investment that could potentially produce huge profits forever? Sound too good to be true? Maybe it’s not!

The pastors believe that God is opening the door for us to invest in the life of a young international student from Nepal. This student has made known his desire to pursue a theology degree from the BMA Seminary in Jacksonville, Texas. Before he can do that, he must complete 60 hours of undergraduate courses. We have asked him to move to El Dorado and complete these hours here at SACC. A Wyatt family has already agreed to house him. He will come and be a part of the ministry of Wyatt and will make himself available, as God gives opportunity, to serve and grow here over the next couple of years. What if…we could help this young man get his education? What if…this young man could grow and serve and be discipled and equipped for ministry here at Wyatt? What if…he could go back to his home country and lead many souls to Christ? What if…many churches could be planted in Nepal so that the 28 million people who live there could hear the Gospel? God has the answers to all the “what if’s” of life!

Here’s the investment opportunity…would you be willing to invest by giving an offering to help with the cost of tuition and insurance for this student? We need approximately $2000 by August 14 for the Fall Semester. You may invest as much or as little as you like. Ask God to help you decide. When you are ready to invest please mark your offering: Nepal Investment Fund (NIF). Is this a sure thing? Well, just as with all investments, there are risks involved. Things don’t always work out the way we plan. This investment needs prayer…much prayer! So even if you can’t give, you can still invest through prayer. Invest today so that others may hear the Gospel tomorrow!