Sep 13 2017

Sarah Bolin Embarking on Year-Long Mission

Wyatt’s Sarah Bolin is Embarking on a Year-Long Mission.

Sarah is the 22 year old daughter of Tim and Leigh Ann Bolin. Sarah grew up in Wyatt Baptist Church and is a recent graduate of Ouachita Baptist University.

After completing my undergraduate career with degrees in both Christian Studies and Spanish from Ouachita Baptist University, God is leading me to follow Him to the mission field this next school year. On September 24, 2017, I will be moving to Jacksonville, Florida to begin training under the organization, Youth With a Mission (YWAM).

About a year ago, I was deciding what to do after graduation. I wanted to do something that would allow me to continue in my call to missions, push me to pursue greater things, and grow my faith exponentially. That is when I received an email from YWAM about The Gap Year. The email described it as perfect for people who have just graduated and are looking to take a year break, whether before continuing with school or work, to grow their faith and figure out God’s calling on their life. I knew I wanted to do it, and felt led to go soon after receiving that email, but after many, many questions and emails throughout the year with YWAM leadership, I finally applied. Since being accepted this past May, I have been anxiously awaiting the day that I will be training in Jacksonville, Florida and then eventually going on mission overseas.

When I arrive on September 24th, other students and I will begin a three-month schooling and training. YWAM’s focus is to know God and make Him known. Speakers will come in for a week from around the nation, from different backgrounds, to teach on topics such as the Fatherly Heart of God, Missions, Intercessory Prayer, the Nature and Character of God, Evangelism, Cross-cultural Ministry, How to Study the Word, Your Identity in Christ, and more. There will also be times for small group discussions, one-on-one mentoring with a staff member, and ministry opportunities in local ministries and churches. Once the three-month training is complete, we will head overseas for nine weeks. As of now, it is not certain where we will be going specifically, but we will be going to unreached people groups and areas that are predominantly Muslim, Buddhist, or Hindu. The focus is sharing the love of Jesus with those who have never heard. After the nine weeks, there will be a one-month break, and then I will go back another five months to do the same thing, but with an emphasis in growing in leadership.

My main goal throughout this whole experience is to grow in my faith. Because this is something new to my family and I, there are many unknowns, therefore many opportunities to grow. I will be going alone, leaving everything I know, to live with new people in a new place under a different organization, to fellowship with and learn from Christians of different backgrounds, and to enter into new cultures, all while relying on others to keep me funded and supported. I am excited to finally be able to pursue God’s mission for longer than a typical weekly mission trip, and I can’t wait to live fully dependent on Him.

Thank you all for your support. I consider all those who support me, whether prayerfully or financially, as an important part of this team and this mission. You are not only helping me to go, but you are advancing the Gospel and the love of Christ as well. I will be continually encouraged by you and your support. Thank you again.

In Christ,