May 14 2018

Your Missionaries in Nicaragua

Good morning to all of you. We just wanted to update you a bit on the situation here in Nicaragua. O got home safe, although, he needed to be transported by three different people and part of the way he walked. We were not able to have church. Not even by cell groups. We asked people to stay home.  There is a national strike, so there is no in or out anywhere around our house and surrounding areas.
This is a critical week, no fuel in Masaya, and stores are running out of products. We were not able to get any money out of the atm machines. Although, we had already bought a lot of food and stocked up. We are okay.  The good thing is around here the mangoes and avocado trees are giving lots of fruit, so people are still ok. We ask that you continue to pray for us and the church. We will continue to keep you updated. Of course you know that we still see the other side of our church is that work does not stop. We continue to disciple and since we are a house to house system, we have lots of work to be done. We did have some children kids clubs in neighborhoods where we could pick up the kids close. The places we travel to, we were not able to make it.

And today when we pray for our food: We are VERY THANKFUL! for our avocados and mangoes.  We took our bucket of avocados this morning and went down the street sharing with our neighbors!
Love you all.
Your missionaries in Nicaragua